WidiLand Economy

WIDI Token (BEP-20 BSC token)
WIDI Token
WIDI Token is the business token of WidiLand.
Max total supply: 400M
  • Purchasing lands and items at NFT Marketplace.
  • Staking to earn interest.
  • Spaceship Repairing
  • Liquidity Farming
  • Treasure Farmer
WSO Token (BEP-20 BSC token)
WSO Token
WSO Token is the native currency in WidiLand. It is a secondary token used in the WIDI Land ecosystem for specific purposes.
Ticker: WSO
Total Supply: Unlimited.
  • Daily Quests
  • Battles Pass
  • Monthly Pass
  • LeaderBoard
  • Events
  • Summon fees.
  • In-game and inflation token: mint-burn.
  • In-game activities: Upgrade items, Lotto Games, etc.
Buy WSO:
On January 20, 2022, WSO was listed in PancakeSwap. Buy WSO on PancakeSwap
Ticker: mWSO
Total Supply: Unlimited.
mWSO is the currency used for in-game transactions. Players can change from WSO to mWSO following the ratio of 1:1 and use it for specific purposes like:
  • Buying and building constructions
  • Trading items in the in-game marketplace
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