Game Story

WidiLand Official Trailer
"2130, the environment on Earth is seriously polluted, resources are running out, humans are in danger of food and energy scarcity.
A group of scientists in the WIDI Project, a high-level program searching for life in outer space, find TKE-1012, a green-blue Earth-like moon. This giant planet, 24.2 light-years away from Earth, has conditions almost similar to our world, up to 73%.
A small group of elite people is selected to participate in this secret program with a unique mission "finding a new home for humanity." They migrate to TKE-1012 and call it WidiLand.
Unfortunately, during the landing process, Geomagnetic storms from the efficient exchanges of energy continuously sweep through, causing severe damages to the entire spacecraft, high-tech equipment, and telecommunications.
Now, all crew suffers food-energy depletion and eruption of the connection with Earth-based radars. Their unique opportunity is building their own Food-Energy System on this planet.

In this first chapter: Journey Begins!

In this first chapter, players transform into certain classes: Farmer, Breeder, Cook and Miner to start a new life and begin the journey!
Players can use only limited resources, which need them to play to earn and upgrade their characters. With the lessons learned from the destroyed Earth, players must treasure natural resources and reasonably use them.

Chapter 2: Devastation

A completely new game mode where WIDI dwellers have to protect their project from fearsome invaders!
The invaders and monsters in this chapter represent the natural disasters and epidemics that people faced on Earth. Therefore, it sends players the message of protecting the ecosystem and our planet.

Chapter 3: New Era

With the help of WIDI technology, WidiLand people reconnect with the Space Station to continue the project. They plan to bring humanity to a new home and resurrect the Earth, marking the start of a new civilization, the beginning of the Metaverse! Let's see!