Game Play


WidiLand is a game to explore and build a new world that utilizes blockchain technology. Players’ task is to rebuild civilization on the Widi planet using limited tools and resources. Success is when players manage those resources effectively and increase production capacity to expand their territory.
Chapter 1: Journey Begins!
The beginning of the journey is all about survival. The crew's food supply is running out. Therefore, players need to quickly build up their food supply by developing agriculture in Widi.
Character Smart Contract (BSC chain): 0x5FDcF857957E9DB2B58BE6C5F499A2bc8D64F24c
Character Collection (Solana chain): FaVvM9b2SXBPXmh6Din9MJDQjenj1Vke3Fxa5mtCvX9a
  • Farmer
  • Breeder
  • Cook
  • Miner
WidiLand's unique feature is that players can summon a whole new soul. When two characters agree to match, they can call a new soul that inherits the genes and characteristics of the two original beings (Default characters can not participate in Summoning). In addition, the newly summoned characters can not be used to match with either of their predecessors to begin a new summon. The summon fee includes WSO. The summoned soul is also an NFT character that can equally participate in all activities in the game like every other character.
Land Smart Contract (BSC chain): 0x94595B3B94B2df23fEb9557A2AC295267877e646
Land Collection (Solana chain): 5v2AhKdKdHthamY88z4tQVCDDGXRNbh3MZvkqRgJ6H4w
Crop Land
High Desert
Dry Land
Forest Land
Aquatic Land
Volcanic Land
  • Field
  • Animal Farm
  • Machine
  • Storage
  • Order Board
  • In-game Market
Starting the journey, the player will be given 1 cropland and 3 default characters (Non-NFT). During the game, there are countless exciting activities for players to participate in, including farming, crafting and trading items (NFTs) with other players. In addition, Widi also has events that appear only on special occasions, offering challenges and never-before-seen items.
Some activities can be:
  • Cultivating
  • Breeding
  • Cooking
  • Exploiting
  • Collecting items
  • Trading Items
  • Orders
  • Daily Quests
The NFT Marketplace is a decentralized exchange where players and investors can use WSO to buy digital assets as NFTs (such as Characters, Lands or Treasures) directly from the Publisher (the Primary Market; where the Publisher sells only a limited amount) or collect them from other participants (the Secondary Market) all in one platform. WidiLand’s Marketplace features:
  • Monetizing game assets
  • Pricing, Buying, or Selling NFT Assets
  • Renting or Leasing NFT Assets
  • Bidding, Auctioning NFT Assets
  • Searching and Filtering Items
  • Limiting orders
Explore WidiLand Marketplace here:

6. Metaverse

Imagine being summoned to a planet busy building a new civilization and no one else, you are the ultimate leader in this reconstruction. There will be countless challenges, unexpected events that you have to face every day. And that is the future vision of WidiLand.
Different from the popular GameFi in the market, WidiLand focuses on in-game interactivity, player experience, and story. Not only stopping at interacting with physical devices, but we also aim for a comprehensive interactive environment with metaverse technology. With WidiLand, we continuously roll out new features and new gameplay to realize our metaverse and give players the most enjoyable experience.