Free to Play to Earn (WSO)
The priority of the WidiLand Dev Team is the balance between player experience and rewards. WidiLand is one of only a few games that have a Free to Play to Earn business model.


Player experience is one of the two main pillars of WidiLand. When creating an account, players will receive 1 Crop Land and 3 default Characters: Farmer, Breeder, and Cook (Non-NFT). From there, players can explore and develop their land.


Enabled by blockchain technology, WidiLand is where players can earn real money or other rewards by playing. So now, playing doesn't have only entertainment value but also real financial value.
Players of WidiLand could earn mWSO that can be easily transferred to WSO through certain activities:
  • Completing daily quests
  • Obtaining achievement
  • Winning Leaderboard
  • Character summon
  • Attending special in-game events
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