WIDI Locked Staking

*Currently only available on BSC chain
This is a great suggestion for investors who believe in and accompany WidiLand for a long time. If you are a holder and stock a large amount of WIDI, Locked Staking is a safe and stable method to get high staking rewards.

What is Locked Staking?

Locked Staking allows Widi investors to lock their crypto assets for a predetermined period with a fixed interest rate that Widi provides specifically in staking packages and cannot be withdrawn within a certain term.
WidiLand plans clear development goals and a specific roadmap. Then, our game develops 3 chapters corresponding to 3 packages Locked Staking which helps Investors gain passive income at a high rate.
By trusting and accompanying WidiLand, you will receive commensurate valuable rewards.

WidiLand’s Locked Staking rewards:

Locked Staking bring investors and gamers a large number of advantages:

Generate passive income & increase WIDI during Staking

Instead of leaving it on exchanges without receiving an increase in the number of WIDI, you can put in the stake and receive more WIDI during the staking process.
Locked Staking gives you Treasure tickets
Besides IGO from WidiLand, you have 2 ways to own Treasure which are joining Treasure Farmer and Monthly Treasure Hunt. You can get Treasure tickets from Locked Staking to participate in Treasure Farmer.

How to join?

Watch this video and you will know how to join Locked Staking
Note: The number in the video are for illustrative purposes only.

How to redeem WIDI from Locked Staking

  • The number in the images below are for illustrative purposes only.
  • You can ONLY redeem till the expiration of the package that you staked in.
  • The amount of redeemed WIDI will include the amount of original staked WIDI and the total unclaimed rewards.
Step 1: Go to WidiLand DApp Dashboard:
Redeem Locked Staking section is right below the Liquid Farming section. You will see the “Redeem Now” button lights up on the expiration day. Click on "Redeem Now”
Step 2: Click on the Package that you want to redeem
Step 3: Check carefully your bill then click “Confirm”
Step 4: Wait a few minutes then press “OK” when redeeming successfully.